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RHD Operational Procedure Zonal Operation Wing
Zonal Operations
OP/ZF/3.10 - Emergency and Incident Management
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure describes the process of Emergency and Incident Management. Emergency and Incident may occur at any time due to flood, cyclone, tidal bore, earthquake, major accident, act of sabotage etc. Road Communication may be disrupted as a result thereof. Such situation calls for immediate actions to be taken to ensure restoration of Road Communication and uninterrupted flow of vehicular traffic within the least possible time. Emergency and Incident Management is, therefore, of utmost importance to RHD to ensure unhindered Road Communication to the Public.
Definitions :

Responsibility :

ACE-Zone - is responsible to prepare a comprehensive plan to manage any Emergency and Incident in his Zone and keeps the CE, RHD informed about it. He reviews the plan yearly. He ensures that Bailey Bridges and other equipment and materials required to meet such situation are readily available at suitable locations according to needs. He also ensures that such management plan exists in each Division and it is updated every year.

SE-Field Circle - is responsible to ensure that Emergency and Incident Management Plan is updated each year and necessary Bailey Bridges, materials and equipment are available at suitable places to meet such situation.

EE-Field Division - is responsible for management of Emergency and Incident in his Division and to ensure that such plan is updated each year to meet any situation promptly.
Method :

Emergency and Incident Management in RHD is carried out as follows:

Emergency and Incident may occur in RHD due to flood, cyclone, tidal bore, earthquake, major accident, acts of sabotage etc. Road Communication may be disrupted as a result of such situation. There may be breach of road at more than one locations, collapse of bridge/culverts, washing out of approaches of bridges, washing out of pavement, severe damage to pavement surface and embankment, and disruption in ferry services, bringing the road communication to a standstill.

To meet such situation, all field divisions of RHD prepare a plan each year and update it with information to their superior offices. The plan includes procurement of Bailey bridges, launching equipment, salbullah, brickbats, sand, sacks etc. and storing them in suitable locations. When required, these are utilized to restore communication quickly.

RHD is responsible for ensuring uninterrupted road communication to the public. It, therefore, cannot afford to keep the road communication suspended for a long time. Any moment an emergency and incident occurs and there is disruption in movement of public and vehicular traffic, immediate action is taken to restore the communication within the shortest possible time by the EE under whose jurisdiction such situation occurs.

As soon as such emergency situation and incident occurs, it is brought to the knowledge of SE, ACE and CE, RHD by the EE-Field Division. The EE takes all necessary measures, assisted by SDEs, SAEs, W/As and other staff, to restore road communication as quickly as possible, by mobilising all the resources at his disposal. He takes instructions from his SE in such situation.

EE-Field Division promptly seeks approval from his SE & ACE to take urgent measures and to incur expenditure to meet the situation.

Wide publicity is given to inform the public about the disruption in road communication.

Prominent signs are posted on both sides of each location to display the information of breaches.

All out efforts are made to restore communication within the shortest possible time.

If possible, diversions are provided as a stopgap arrangement for restoration of traffic flow.

As soon as the communication is restored, wide publicity is made for the public and CE, ACE & SE are informed.

If the restoration made is of temporary nature, detailed estimate and plan is submitted to SE for arrangement of fund and approval of plan & estimate for permanent restoration.
References :

Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003