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RHD Operational Procedure Management Services Wing
MIS and Estates - Software Development - Library & Records
OP/ME/4.1 - Control of RHD Documents
Purpose and Scope :

This Operational Procedure classifies all documents used by the RHD into different categories: management manuals, standards and guidelines, reports and papers, external publications, office orders, correspondence. This allows these documents to be controlled and retained with hard and soft copy in the RHD library and on the RHD intranet respectively. The scope of this procedure includes both RHD documents and those issued under wider authority and used by the RHD.
Definitions :

RHD Management Manual set of manuals inclusive of Circle Operational Plans, Job Descriptions and Operational Procedures and associated appendices and reports defining the overall management procedures for the RHD.

Office Order correspondence originating from the Chief Engineer dictating a change in RHD operations or procedures.

Standards and Guidelines are deemed to include all technical procedures, procedure notes and guidance, guides, handbooks, manuals and specifications guiding the standard for the activities and outputs of the RHD. For example: RHD Bridge Design Handbook.

Reports and Papers are deemed to include all one-off and periodically produced papers, reports, strategies and plans etc whose purpose is to disseminate and inform best practice and communicate current performance within and beyond RHD. For example: RHD Annual Training Report, 2002.

Approving Authority is deemed to be the highest post under whose authority a particular document is issued. This is often the Chief Engineer, but may be another RHD post (typically ACE or SE level) or it may be an issuing authority outside of the RHD, such as an alternate Ministry in the Government of Bangladesh.

Originating Office is the officer in the post which presided over the original document issue and who will be responsible for any future update of that document. The Originating Office may be responsible for update even when the original document was not prepared directly by the officer in that post (e.g. original prepared by consultant engaged by RHD). For example, the Originating Officer for the RHD Geometric Design Manual is the Road Design & Safety Circle in the Technical Services Wing.

Interested Parties is deemed to include all Wings/Zones, Circles and Divisions within RHD as well as both foreign and local consultants retained by RHD.
Responsibility :

Superintending Engineer for circle of the Originating Office (see above) should ensure hard that RHD documents are developed and updated as necessary to meet the professional requirements of RHD officers, and overall RHD objectives.

Executive Engineer of the Originating Office (see above) will be responsible, for preparing and proposing update to the document, liasing with outside agencies as required. He should ensure hard and soft copies are submitted to the SDE-Library & Records where document are issued and updated.

Approving Authority will be responsible for approving the update of the document. The Chief Engineer, RHD will seek approval for update if the issuing officer is outside of the RHD.

SDE Library & Records will be responsible for collation, record, archiving and dissemination of RHD Documents.
Method :


The SDE-Library & Records is responsible for collecting and maintaining a library (latest version hard copy) and ensuring similar soft copy update is retained in soft copy on the intranet.

Document types are received and maintained by the SDE-Library & Records as follows:

1. RHD Management Manuals and similar retain and maintain up-to-date hard and soft copies.
2. RHD Standards and Guidelines retain and maintain up-to-date hard and soft copies.
3. RHD Reports and Papers retain hard copies and soft copies where possible.
4. External Publications (official) and reports (typically unpublished) such as by consultants for RHD, retain hard copy soft copy where possible.
5. RHD Office Orders copy only to be retained. Responsibility for maintaining register of office orders is with the Office of the Chief Engineer.

The issue, owning officer and update details of document types 1 4 above should be retained on the document database on the RHD intranet (see procedure OP/ME/4.2).


The SDE-Library & Records should request copy, receive and update both hard and soft copies when a new version of an RHD Standard of Guideline is issued.


The SDE-Library & Records should update the document database should be updated accordingly for each document issue and update. The document should be disseminated as instructed by the Originating Office.
References :

Schedule of RHD Standards and Guidelines This is maintained by the SDE-Library & Records as a sub-set of the RHD Document database. All RHD documents requiring update are recorded together with their latest date of issue, owning office (circle and wing) and issuing officer responsible for update.
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below.




For duties associated with each grade of personnel see


Updated on : 1/1/2004