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RHD Operational Procedure Zonal Operation Wing
Zonal Operations
OP/ZF/1.2 - Supervision and Monitoring of Field activities
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure describes the process of Supervision and monitoring of field activities by the Superintending Engineer of Zone. This is required to ensure that all field activities of road construction and maintenance works are done according to Govt. rules and Quality Control requirements.
Definitions :

Responsibility :

The SE Field Circle is responsible to exercise control on all field activities for works under Development and Revenue heads. He is to ensure that all activities and works done in his circle are according to Govt. rules and quality control requirements.
Method :

The SE, Field Circle ensures supervision and monitoring of field activities as follows.

- Receives annual budget allocation and obtains programmes from EEs against budget grants. Reviews all programmes, compiles and submits to ACE for getting approval. Receives approved annual Programme for all works and circulates to EEs, to execute works accordingly.

- Checks and approves/Process work estimates/tender documents for works of different divisions under the circle, according to financial powers as per govt. rules.

- Checks and process all land acquisition estimates and resettlement issues timely through close contact with the Environment and resettlement circle of Technical services wing.

- Checks and approves/process all contract awards under the circle, on receiving evaluation reports from EEs, in accordance with financial powers as per Govt. rules.

- Prepares and issues daily and monthly report forms to be filled in by EE/SDE/SAE/W/A for all field activities attended by them. The forms include items of works under execution, quantities done each day, Field test done for quality control and results thereof, tests done in the laboratory and results thereof, Quantity of work of each item accepted and measured jointly with the contractor and initials of EE/SDE/SAE&W/A attending work everyday. This is done to ensure quality control of and supervision of works daily by EE/SDE/SAE&W/A. These forms are to be kept at site of each work and submitted monthly to SE along with the monthly Progress Report.

- Inspects all works under execution periodically. Checks physical activities, Quality Control operations and method of construction followed by the contractor and supervision by EE/SDE/SAE & W/A. Checks daily/monthly report form to ascertain EE/SDE/SAE & W/A attends site and supervises works daily according to contractor's programme. Takes note of any shortcoming, deficiency non-compliance with the specifications and conditions of contract, and lack of attendance/supervision by RHD staff. Gives decision on the spot to redress any problem faced. Issues inspection report on return to his Headquarters, pointing out shortcomings/deficiencies, indicating remedies thereof and taking necessary action for negligence of RHD staff and contractor.

- Receives monthly physical and financial progress reports of Works from EES. Reviews monthly physical and financial progress of works in a meeting with them and takes measurers necessary to remove any bottleneck pointed out by EEs.

- Submits monthly report on physical and financial progress of works to ACE after compiling the reports of EEs of the circle. Attends monthly meeting of zone management committee and reports on all matters of his circle to ACE.

- Arbitrates disputes between contractors and divisional offices in accordance with the conditions of contract.

- Inspects his own office, Division offices and 50% of sub-division offices at least once a year. Reports of these inspection are made in prescribed forms and forwarded to ACE. Any financial irregularly, unauthorized expenditure beyond programme, excess expenditure or other misconduct are brought to the knowledge of ACE. The concerned officers are also alerted and informed about the findings during inspection.

- Organizes workshops/seminars/training courses of officers of the circle to discuss about carrying out effective supervision and Quality Control of works and exchange of ideas amongst them.

- Meets contractors every six months, reviews their performances in the field and learns about problems of payment if any. Takes necessary action to solve all problems regarding execution of works and payment.

- Reports all financial irregularities, misappropriation and loss sustained by Govt., to CE, ACE and Chief Accounts Officer, MoC. Recommends disciplinary proceedings to be initiated by ACE against defaulting personnel.

- Places demand of any additional allocation required, with his ACE, well in time.

- Sees that large expenditures are avoided in the closing month of the year and any fund not required is surrendered in time, to ensure its utilisation where it is needed.

- Sees that budget grant is ulilized effectively and economically and wastage is avoided.

- Sees that project is completed in time and account is closed as soon as the project is completed.
References :

RHD Management

Volume 1


Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003