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RHD Operational Procedure Management Services Wing
Administration and Establishment - Enquiry Division
OP/AE/3.1 - Maintenance of Disciplinary Register
Purpose and Scope :

This describes the process of Maintenance of Disciplinary Register in the office of the Executive Engineer, Enquiry Division. It is useful to keep records of all disciplinary events to facilitate reference to enable the authority to take administrative decisions in the matters of RHD staff when required.
Definitions :

Disciplinary Register - is a register of records of disciplinary matters of RHD staff, both gazetted and non-gazetted.
Responsibility :

Executive Engineer - Enquiry Division - is responsible for maintaining the Disciplinary Register.

Assistant Engineer - Enquiry Division - assists the Executive Engineer in keeping records of all disciplinary events.
Method :

The Executive engineer, Enquiry division prepares draft charges, statements of facts/allegations of complaints, when they are received by appointing authorities. He also prepares reports of progress of enquiries and court cases. It is also his responsibility to keep in custody the Annual Confidential Reports of staff and officers of RHD (except those which are sent to the MoC). He is sometimes required to present the case before the Enquiry Officer and sometimes acts as Enquiry Officer himself. The Assistant Engineer assists in discharging these responsibilities and keeping the secrecy of all disciplinary matters of RHD staff.

To discharge the above responsibilities efficiently and effectively, the Executive Engineer should, therefore, maintain the following Disciplinary Registers, which contain all the details of complaints, enquiries, court cases and Annual Confidential Reports:

Register of complaints against RHD staff - One for gazetted and one for non-gazetted staff

Register of Enquiries against RHD staff - Ditto

Register of Court Cases against RHD staff - Ditto

Register of anti-corruption cases against RHD staff - Ditto

Register of Annual confidential reports of RHD staff - Ditto

Attendance Register for RHD staff - One register only (both Gazetted and non-gazetted staff)
References :

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Updated on : 1/1/2004