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RHD Operational Procedure Management Services Wing
Training and HRD
OP/HRD/1.4 - Obtaining Government Order
Purpose and Scope :

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that RHD officers attend appropriate training courses. This procedure only covers overseas training courses where obtaining government orders are necessary.
Definitions :

No. 2 Selection Committee - This body is headed by the Secretary of MoC and comprises of a number of ministry-level officers and Chief Officer of the concern department.
Responsibility :

Superintending Engineer (SE) - Training & HRD Circle -

1 Initiates the procedure,
2 Decides what action is to be taken if the name on the Government Order is incorrect.
Method :

Following approval of the overseas training by the MoC the SE of Training & HRD writes to the ACE-MSW who forwards to CE to request that the MoC issue a government order for the training. The No.2 selection committee approves such training and clearly identifies the names of those to receive training. The SE of Training & HRD checks that those identified for training have been approved by the MoC.
References :

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Updated on : 1/1/2004