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RHD Operational Procedure Management Services Wing
Training and HRD - Training Division
OP/HRD/2.6 - Procurement of Local Training
Purpose and Scope :

The purpose of this procedure is to explain how and under what circumstances training should be procured from external sources. This covers all local training that is either held at a non-RHD facility or held at an RHD facility but with external facilitators.
Definitions :

Short-listed External Training Centres - High-standard management and engineering institutes short-listed by GoB (i.e. Institution of Engineers Bangladesh (IEB), Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM) and Institute of Business Administration of Dhaka University (IBADU)).
Responsibility :

Additional Chief Engineer - Management Services Wing (ACE-MSW)/Superintending Engineer-Training & HRD Circle (SE-T&HRD) - should approve comparative statement of quoted rates and regularly review whether other training centres should be considered for the short list.

Executive Engineer (EE) - Training Division - should prepare a specification for the training requirements, invite quotations from short-listed training centres, make comparative statement of quoted rates and recommend the institute from which to procure training.
Method :


Three short listed external training centres have been selected according to their ability to deliver training of a suitably high quality. Therefore, cost is the only criterion to consider when choosing between the three centres. The centre providing the cheapest training course will be selected.
References :

GoB General Financial Rules, Rule Numbers 20 and 21.
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below.




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Updated on : 1/1/2004