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RHD Operational Procedure Management Services Wing
Audit and Accounts
OP/AA/1.3 - Reporting Systems and Financial Planning and Control
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure covers the process for the development, administration and maintenance of appropriate monitoring and reporting systems to provide RHD management with useful information for improved financial planning and control.
Definitions :

Reporting system - a system for the efficient collection, collation, consolidation and classification of (accounting) activity, which permits objective analysis on which to base management decisions.
Responsibility :

To be developed for systems and reporting.
Method :

It is implicit in the operation of an efficient accounts reporting system that the data is gathered, collated and transferred in a controlled and organised environment. This in turn implies that appropriate IT systems are in place within the Office of the Director, Audit & Accounts to facilitate accurate and timely processing of monthly data and to present information which will assist effective decision making and management control. This requires:


Development of accounts reporting systems appropriate and compatible with the environment in which the data concerned is collected and consolidated. This will be a computerised package linking financial activity to the physical source of transactions and maintaining an audit trail linking budget systems to planning, monitoring and data collection processes.

When IT systems are extended across all divisional officers for accounts data collection and reporting, the Director, Audit & Accounts must ensure that appropriate procedures are developed to maintain the integrity and operational effectiveness of this system across the entire divisional reporting structure.


The Office of the Director, Audit & Accounts must be treated as "Head Office" in terms of reporting within the accounting structure. All financial data for transactions conducted within the entire RHD network must be passed to this office for analysis and scrutiny. This office must take full responsibility for administering and managing the processes taking place in the zones for those incremental processes to ensure source data is fit for detailed examination and evaluation.


The Director, Audit & Accounts must carry out periodic and regular reviews of all divisional returns (and divisional procedures generally) to ensure all offices comply fully with the accounts reporting system.

The Director, Audit & Accounts must take all appropriate steps to ensure that accounts data collection and collation throughout the RHD network is suitably controlled and organised. This will involve the development and implementation of control procedures to support a continuous monitoringIaudit process designed to ensure that compliance is maintained at all times.
References :

General Financial Rules
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Updated on : 1/1/2004