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RHD Operational Procedure Management Services Wing
Audit and Accounts
OP/AA/1.2 - Preparation of Consolidated Monthly Report of Expenditure
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure describes the submission of a monthly report for all RHD income & expenditure to the Chief Engineer. This highlights variations from budgets and /or targets, and from accepted RHD departmental procedures. The submission of an annual report for all RHD income & expenditure follows a similar process.
Definitions :

Responsibility :

Divisional Officers (DO) - Prepare monthly-consolidated accounts, sign and submit to CAO and Director, A & A

Divisional Accountants (DA) - Assist DO with financial matters and monthly divisional accounts, and assist Director, A & A to clarify and confirm accounts and ensure they are prepared an accordance with the central reporting system.
Method :

The principal objective of the monthly report is to enhance the accountability of the individual RHD divisions. This should bring any significant activities, financial or otherwise, which are at variance with the current RHD objectives and strategy to the attention of the CE. The report serves as an important cog in the overall monitoring process, which RHD is planning to measure actual performance and the actual delivery of objectives against the budget and the strategic plan. The Director, Audit & Accounts should receive individual monthly divisional accounts (from all divisional offices) by the 10th day of the following month. These accounts are themselves consolidations of the activities at the divisional offices and relevant sub-divisional offices. The Director, Audit & Accounts must consolidate all these returns (see OP/AA/1.1) and also prepare a narrative summary of the most important issues arising. Key issues include:

The principal purpose of the monthly expenditure report is to inform the Chief Engineer of any significant issues arising from the expenditure patterns of the divisions relative to budgetary allocation and to ongoing physical works. The report should be based on complete information and on data whose accuracy permits informed decision-making. Consequently, the Director, Audit & Accounts must firstly satisfy himself that all appropriate divisions have submitted a report (completeness test) and that these reports themselves are complete, with no missing pages or blank submissions.

The report should focus on expenditure (and income) activity which varies significantly with agreed budget allocations, or other departmental procedures or objectives. It will primarily be based on the coded consolidation drawn up (see OP/AA/1.1), so the analysis will be related to postings in the accounts which are identified by central account classification codes.

The commentary should refer to any issues which the Director, Audit & Accounts considers appropriate for the attention of the Chief Engineer. Every report must at least include :

(a) variances of actual expenditure / income against budget;

(b) coding errors or other mis-statements; and any

(c) irregular movements on Suspense Accounts and Control Accounts (see OP/AA/1.4)
References :

a) General Financial Rules

b) Central Public Works Account (CPWA) Code

c) Treasury Rules and Subsidiary Rules

d) Account Code (Volume III)

e) Classification Chart of the Government of Bangladesh (November 1997)

f) Project Monthly Progress Reports

g) FMU Accounts Quality Evaluation Reports (Dec 2001 - June 2002)
Procedure Flowchart :





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Updated on : 1/1/2004