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RHD Operational Procedure Management Services Wing
Administration and Establishment - Security
OP/AE/4.2 - Training of Security Staff
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure describes the process of training RHD security staff. The purpose is to groom them to the required level to meet the demands of keeping the security of key point installations and vital installations of RHD out of danger from any sabotage or damage, around the clock.
Definitions :

Responsibility :

Deputy Director - Security - is responsible for arranging training of RHD security personnel. He arranges courses for training security guards in the zones at least once a year. He arranges training of guards in the Ansar Camp every year on zonal basis. He also arranges training with National security Intelligence and the fire brigade.

Senior Security Officer/Security Officer - Zone - is responsible for local training of security guards in the zones at least once in a year in respect of their nature of jobs, various assignments, duties, protective and preventive measures, behaviour with public etc. He selects and recommends suitable guards for undertaking Ansar training, fire service training etc.
Method :

Training of RHD security staff is important both at the time of entry and periodically later on, to make them well groomed to discharge their responsibilities and to keep them conversant with latest techniques, exposing them to new concepts and methods:

The new entrants are trained according to their needs as designed and arranged by the Deputy Director, Security. This training is imparted by the existing personnel of the Security Division, (e.g., head security guards, security supervisors, senior security officers and assistant security officers). They are trained in respect of nature of their jobs, various assignments, duties, protective and preventive measures, behaviour with public etc.

Day-to-day training for guards is conducted on the spot to keep them physically fit and alert for performing their job of guarding and protecting the key point/vital installations of RHD. This is done by the personnel of the Security Division available on the spot.

Local training of security guards of the zones is arranged by the senior security officer/security officer under instructions from the Deputy Director, Security at least once a year according to needs.

Training of security personnel through different courses is arranged with Ansar, fire brigade, National Security Intelligence (N.S.I) and with foreign organisations at different times when offers are received. The selection is recommended by the senior security officer/security officer and training course selected and arranged with the organisations by the Deputy Director, Security. The current courses available are as follows :

S.I. C.R Specialist Instructor Course, Rescue.

S.I.C.C Specialist Instructor Course, Casualty.

B.R.C Bomb Reconnaissance Course.

W.C Warden Course.

O.C.O.C Officers Course and Operation Control.

O.C.O.A Officers Course, Organisation and Administration.

F.S.T Fire Service Training.

N.S.I National Security Intelligence Course;

(a) Senior Counter Sabotage Course.

(b) Junior Counter Sabotage Course.

(c) Senior Officers Security Course.

(d) Security Course.

C.C Cadet Course.

Foreign Training (e.g. Transportation Development Management Course).
References :

Data supplied by Deputy Director, Security
Procedure Flowchart :





For duties associated with each grade of personnel see


Updated on : 1/1/2004