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RHD Operational Procedure Management Services Wing
Administration and Establishment - Enquiry Division
OP/AE/3.2 - Establishing Enquiry Officer/Board of Enquiry
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure describes the process of establishing an Enquiry officer or Board of Enquiry, who will then conduct an enquiry and submit findings regarding allegations against RHD staff. This is required to resolve cases of allegation against RHD staff and take any necessary penal measures to ensure discipline and good conduct in RHD.
Definitions :

Appointing Authority - The secretary of the MoC (or the President) may act appointing authority for Class I officers and the Chief Engineer for Class II officers as bellow (see Establishment Manual).

Enquiry Officers or Board of Enquiry - There are generally Class I RHD officers not below the rank of the accused.
Responsibility :

It is the responsibility of the Appointing Authority to appoint Enquiry Officer/Board of Enquiry.
Method :


After receiving a complaint (from any person, paper news, MP, Minister etc) the ACE/SE/EE/SDE Field will request to the Appointing Committee an enquiry committee to enquire the matter primarily. This will follow the procedure as set out in AE/3.3. The result of this preliminary enquiry will the production and submission of an enquiry report, including details of the penalty. This will be submitted to the Chief Engineer. Upon receipt of the Enquiry report from any preliminary enquiry the Appointing Committee (CE or Secretary of the MoC) shall review the report and order appropriate action.


Should the matter be of a serious nature, the CE may request a full departmental enquiry to be carried out. This will follow the same procedure as above (see AE/3.3) but the Board of Enquiry will be carried out directly by the Appointing Authority.


Enquiry into allegations against RHD staff is regulated by Govt. Rules. They are as follows:

a) The Government servants (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 1985, issued by Ministry of Establishment Notification No. S.R.O 381-L/85/ME (R-V) ID 13/84 dated 20th August 1985 and amendments thereof (pages 851 to 885 of Estt. Manual volume 1 published by Ministry of Establishment and compiled upto 31st December, 1995)

b) The public Employees Discipline (Punctual attendance) ordinance 1982 (From page 906 to 908 of the same Manual as stated in (a) above).

c) The Governments servants (conduct) Rules, 1979 (From page 912 to 928 of the same Manual as stated in (a) above).

d) There are some other relevant rules in the same Manual (From page 885 to 937), which may be referred to, if required.

The appointing authority receives allegations against RHD staff, charges are framed and penalties are proposed according to Govt. Rules. Depending on the nature of charges and whether likely penalties are minor or major determines whether an Enquiry officer or a Board of Enquiry consisting of three officers is appointed.

The appointing authority of the accused staff appoints an Enquiry officer or a Board of Enquiry not below the rank of the accused, as per government rules. The Enquiry officer or the Board of Enquiry is charged with conducting the enquiry and submitting the report of findings with reasons and recommendations. The Enquiry officer or Board of Enquiry shall give his/its findings as to whether the accused is guilty or not guilty of each charge, but not recommendations for penalties to be imposed. The grounds against the findings should be stated in specific terms.

The Enquiry officer or Board of Enquiry is informed about their appointment by the appointing Authority. They are supplied with the charges framed and penalties proposed against the accused. The accused is also informed about their appointment and the charges framed and penalties proposed against him. A person is nominated by the appointing authority to present the case in support of the allegations.
References :

1. Establishment Manual, volume-1 published by Ministry of Estt. Compiled upto 31st December 1995.

2. OP/AE/3.2 Processing of Enquiry & Enquiry Reports.
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below.




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Updated on : 1/1/2004