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RHD Operational Procedure Management Services Wing
Administration and Establishment - Administration & Establishment Division
OP/AE/2.6 - Transfer and Posting of RHD Officers
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure describes the process of transfer and posting of RHD officers of RHD. It is required for administrative reasons, to run the affairs of RHD smoothly at all tiers of its organization. The purpose should be to maximise the outputs towards achieving its goals.
Definitions :

Responsibility :

Chief Engineer - RHD - issues transfer and posting orders of all RHD officers as per government rules, up to the level of Executive Engineer. Superintending Engineer and higher officer's transfer and postings are the responsibility of the MoC.

Superintending Engineer - Administration & Establishment Circle - prepares proposal for transfer and posting and places before the CE.

Executive Engineer - Administration & Establishment Division - prepare a statement from the registers of staff maintained on the RHD database and places before the SE-Administration & Establishment. The statement shows the date when the staff would complete three years of tenure in the place of posting.
Method :


The transfer and posting of RHD officers is regulated by the government rules referred to below:

Establishment Division's memos:

Memo no. ED/SA1-1/82-232 (100) dated 24th May, 1982

Memo no. ED/SA1-1/82-265 (100) dated 11th June, 1982

Memo no. ED/SA1-1/82-264 (100) dated 11th June, 1982

Memo no. ED/SA1-74/83-252 (300) dated 6th June, 1983

Memo no. ED/SA1-3/83-257 (100) dated 13th June, 1983

Memo no ME-(Reg-IV) -175/83-87 dated 25th August, 1983

Memo no ME (AD-3)-38/84-631 dated 13th August, 1986

O.M. no. 'Sho' 'Mo'/'u' 'Ni' 1-57/86-18 (100) dated 13th January, 1987

Memo no ME-(AD-3)-38/84-100 dated 10th February, 1987

Memo no. 'Sho' 'Mo'/'u' 'Ni' 1-57/86-33 (200) dated 21st January, 1988

Circular no. 'Sho' 'Mo' (A-3) -107/86-244(50) dated 13th June, 1988

Note: The above Memo nos. can be seen in Establishment Manual - Volume I, compiled upto 31st December, 1995.


Key aspects to the process of transfer and posting include:

Class III & IV employees of RHD are not transferable as per government rules.

In general, RHD officers are transferred to a new posting upon completion of three years of tenure in the current posting, as per government rules, unless there are apprehensions that there might be problems in running the affairs due to sudden transfer of a specialist/technical staff.

As a general rule, a government servant should be retained in the same department/station during the last three years of his service before retirement. Exceptions, however, may be made by the government in exceptional cases required by exigencies of public service or if the government servant is not fit to discharge the duties of the new post satisfactorily.

Transfer and posting orders should state specifically the date for leaving the old place of posting and joining the new post. Where change of place is not required, joining in new place of posting after handing over charges is generally within seven days. Where change of place is necessary, joining in the new place, after handing over charges, is generally within fourteen days of issue of transfer and posting order. This allowance of time for taking over the new positions will be stated in the order.

An order of transfer and posting can only be cancelled, amended or kept in abeyance by an office one step higher than the one which issued the order.

Generally transfer and posting orders should be made in the public interest. Transfer orders should not be made for harassment. So, all pros and cons of the effect of transfer and posting should be considered before issuing such orders.


For transfer and posting of RHD officers first of all, a statement is prepared by EE-Administration and Establishment from the RHD personnel/organisation database reports. The statement should list those who will very shortly complete three years of their tenure in their present place of posting. He will then submit the statement before SE-Administration & Establishment.

The SE-Administration & Establishment then prepare a proposal for transfer and posting of the staff without marking the places of new posting.

The CE-RHD gives instructions to SE-Administration & Establishment about the new places of posting of the staff.

The SE-Administration & Establishment then prepares transfer and posting orders according to these instructions and places the orders before the CE for approval.

On receiving approval of the orders, SE-Administration & Establishment issues the transfer and posting orders and updates the RHD personnel database when the orders become effective.

In the case of SE-Admin. & Estab. and above, transfer and posting is the responsibility of the Ministry of Communications on the basis of proposal and advice of the CE. While orders for transfer and posting are issued by the MoC, the SE-Administration & Establishment must still ensure update of the RHD database when these orders become effective.

For non-gazetted RHD staff eligible for transfer and posting, this is the responsibility of the EE-Admin. & Estab., but is done only under special circumstances (not on a routine basis but in response to specific needs).
References :

Establishment Manual - Volume I, compiled up to 31st December, 1995.
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




For duties associated with each grade of personnel see


Updated on : 1/1/2004