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RHD Operational Procedure Management Services Wing
Administration and Establishment - Administration & Establishment Division
OP/AE/2.4 - Retention of Staff
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure describes the process of Retention of RHD staff. This only applies to temporary staff.
Temporary staffs are recruited to temporary posts in RHD (both revenue and development) and are appointed to different posts (e.g. by deputation to a project) in the same way as permanent staff. Most of these temporary staff posts are considered by the RHD to be required on a permanent basis. Therefore the RHD seeks to either change these temporary posts into permanent posts on retain these temporary staff on an annual basis.

All temporary Regular Posts of RHD need year-by-year retention order from the MoC, with the concurrence of MoF, against the government sanction of total nos. of each such post. This is necessary to retain their services for each year they render their services, in order to get their salary. Their posts cannot be deemed to be retained until a retention order is there each year.
Definitions :

Responsibility :

MoF - is responsible for giving concurrence to the annual retention of all temporary regular posts of RHD against total nos. of government sanction of each post.

MoC - is responsible for recommending the annual retention of temporary regular posts of RHD to MoF.

Chief Engineer - RHD (CE-RHD) - scrutinizes the proposal of retention of all temporary regular posts of RHD, prepared by SE-Administration & Establishment, for submission to MoC, for seeking concurrence of MoF and for approval.

Superintending Engineer - Administration & Establishment Circle - prepares the proposal of annual retention of all temporary regular posts of RHD and when CE-RHD consents to the proposal, submits it to MoC.

Executive Engineer - Administration & Establishment Division - prepares the statement of all temporary regular posts of RHD, to facilitate preparing proposal for retention by SE-Administration & Establishment.
Method :

Retention of staff is a regular annual feature of RHD. RHD is required to seek Retention order from MoC, with the concurrence of MoF, for retaining its temporary regular staff, on a year-by-year basis. This is due to the fact (in theory) that all the temporary regular staff might not be required to be retained. (They may not be needed as the project/s for which they were recruited temporarily have been completed, or some of the temporary posts created on functional basis in sub-division, district or circle level are no longer needed. However, as noted above, most temporary staff either fill revenue posts or are usually still required to be retained for new projects). The annual retention order is required for staff under temporary regular establishment posts to receive their salaries. For permanent regular staff of RHD, no retention order is required.

Registers of staff are maintained in the offices of SE and EE, Administration & Establishment. From these registers, now stored on the RHD's organisation and personnel databases, the posts under Temporary Regular Establishment can be identified.

At the end of each financial year, the EE-Administration & Establishment prepares a list of all Regular Temporary Staff of RHD.

The SE-Administration & Establishment then prepares a proposal for retention of Temporary Regular Staff who are included within the sanctioned posts of RHD, and whose services are required to be retained. The justification for retaining their services is clearly stated in the proposal.

The CE must then review the proposal. If he agrees to the proposal, the SE-Administration & Establishment submit it to MoC for approval, with the concurrence of MoF. If the CE does not agree, the SE-Administration & Establishment resubmits the proposal to CE, according to his instructions.

The MoC, on receipt of the proposal of retention of staff of RHD, scrutinizes it. If it agrees to the proposal, it seeks clearance of MoF. If MoC does not agree, it returns the same to RHD for resubmission. The MoF also scrutinizes the proposal and if it agrees, gives clearance for retention of the staff, if not, returns to RHD for resubmission.

The MoC issues retention order, on receipt of clearance of MoF and notifies RHD.

The SE-Administration & Establishment then informs all about the approval of retention of staff.
References :

Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/1/2004