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RHD Operational Procedure Management Services Wing
Administration and Establishment - Administration & Establishment Division
OP/AE/2.1 - Maintenance of the Personnel & Organisation Databases
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure describes the management of the RHD Personnel Records and Organisational Databases by the Administration and Establishment Division. This includes maintenance of the database contents through regular inputs and update, and use of the databases to produce standard and special reports.
Definitions :

RHD Office-wise Distribution of Posts and Personnel is a document produced by RHD to show the current number of Class I to Class IV posts (sanctioned) and personnel (filled posts and temporary personnel) stationed in different Circles and Divisions across RHD. This is produced by the Administration and Establishment Circle and updated and re-issued as required. It would be re-issued at least once a year, or following major re-organisation.
Responsibility :

Superintending Engineer - Administration & Establishment Circle has overall responsibility for the Personnel and Organisation Databases.

Executive Engineer - Administration & Establishment Division is responsible for accuracy of data input, output and dissemination of reports produced.

Computer Operator inputs and outputs data from the personnel and organisation databases.
Method :


These databases will be updated by the Computer Operator in the Administration & Establishment. The information to be inputted will be provided by the Executive Engineer-Administration & Establishment. The normal instances of data input will be:

Immediately following Transfer and Posting Order;

Retirement of one or more RHD Officers or Staff, or leaving post for another reason;

Re-organisation Order from Ministry of Communication;

Training completed (generally detailed to be inputted by Training & HRD Circle);

New Officers or Staff joining the RHD.


The main use of the database will be to provide specific information to the Administration and Establishment Circle and general information, which may be available to all RHD staff. This information would be available both directly through the database (through the website, through the intranet and through any specific reports or queries produced directly by the MIS & Estates Circle) and through reports produced from the database. These reports would be printed by the Computer Operator following instruction from the Executive Engineer, Administration and Establishment. Reports should generally be produced in Bangla and English. The following reports are particularly useful:

1. Office-wise Distribution of Posts and Personnel. This is described above. This report would be produced and published (on the intranet and hardcopy) by the Administration and Establishment Circle. This is used to forecast future RHD staff requirements (See OP/AE/1.2) and identify vacant posts.

2. Transfer and Posting Report. This report is for use of the Administration and Establishment Circle for transfer and posting (See OP/AE/2.6). It details the personnel for each post designation from SAE to ACE in the RHD. The report is sorted circle-wise. The report includes details of date of current posting, office name, circle, division (if appropriate) and sub-division (if appropriate), name and ID number, date of birth, due date for retirement and home district.

3. Other Reports may be required from time to time. For example a report giving the list of staff retiring from the RHD will be produced each year.
References :

RHD Personnel and Organisational Database User-manuals

Posts under RHD Revenue Set-up (Latest manual issued under RHD Government Order by Ministry of Communication with concurrence of Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Establishment).
Procedure Flowchart :





For duties associated with each grade of personnel see


Updated on : 1/1/2004