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RHD Operational Procedure – Management Services Wing
Administration and Establishment
OP/AE/1.2 - Production of Annual Manpower Forecast
Purpose and Scope :

In order to successfully manage its Roads and Bridges in Bangladesh, the RHD needs to have the correct number of Officers and Staff in the various grades available. It would be useful to identify, and regularly review, which manpower are required in RHD: both officers and staff, engineers and other cadre, employees required on a permanent and a temporary basis. As people retire or leave RHD through other reasons, they should be replaced. Additionally, as new challenges arise for RHD, it may be that different numbers of people are required in different grades or specialist posts.

Therefore, in order to ensure the RHD continues to have the appropriate numbers of officers and staff, there should be a system of planning ahead. This planning should include a regular review of staffing requirements, such as through an Annual Manpower Forecast. This forecast would be sent to the Ministry of Communications for them to take up RHD manpower requirements with the Ministry of Establishment on an annual basis.
Definitions :

RHD Office-wise Distribution of Posts and Personnel – is a document produced by RHD to show the current number of Class I to Class IV posts (sanctioned) and personnel (filled posts and temporary personnel) stationed in different Circles and Divisions across RHD. This is produced by the Administration and Establishment Circle and updated and re-issued as required. It would be re-issued at least once a year, or following major re-organisation.

Annual Manpower Forecast – is a document, which sets out RHD’s manpower needs for the next financial year, and how they can be met. This would reflect RHD current workload (revenue and development) and be consistent with RHD strategy and goals. This would be produced by reflecting on the current office-wise distribution of posts and personnel across RHD.
Responsibility :

Additional Chief Engineer - Management Services Wing - Reviews the Annual Manpower Forecast Report and sends to CE for approval.

Superintending Engineer - Administration & Establishment Circle - production of manpower forecast.

Executive Engineer - Administration & Establishment Division - collection of data to produce manpower forecast, including producing the RHD Office-wise Distribution of Posts and Personnel. (See OP/AE/2.1).
Method :

To be developed.
References :

RHD Personnel Records Database

RHD Organisational Database
Procedure Flowchart :

To be developed if required.




For duties associated with each grade of personnel see


Updated on : 1/1/2004