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RHD Operational Procedure Management Services Wing
Administration and Establishment
OP/AE/1.1 - Human Resources Development Policy
Purpose and Scope :

Human Resources are the RHD's most important assets that RHD has. Therefore, it has an obligation on the management of RHD to the development of this resource.

The Human Resources Development Policy is an important document that sets out the goals and guidelines for this process. Commitment, work and resources need to be allocated to develop the officers and staff of RHD. This should be directed towards achievement of the overall goals of the defined RHD Strategy.

All RHD Officers have an obligation to develop their subordinates (both officers and support staff). Full details of the work to be undertaken include:

communication with RHDTC to define training needs;

ensuring take up of training courses offered;

assisting with the use in the workplace of newly acquired skills;

motivating subordinates to undertake work in a more efficient manner;

undertaking counselling and annual interviews; and

assisting with personal issues as appropriate.
Definitions :

Human Resources (HR) - are all of the Officers and Staffs who work for RHD, whatever grade and whether established or not established.

Human Resources Development Policy - is a written document, which sets out, how all people in authority within RHD should assist in the development of their subordinates.
Responsibility :

Chief Engineer - RHD - approval of Human Resources Development Policy.

Additional Chief Engineer - Management Services Wing - to recommend for approval and ensures implementation of policy throughout RHD.
Method :

To be developed.
References :

RHD Human Resources Development Policy (to be developed by Administration & Establishment Circle and approved by Chief Engineer). RHD Strategy Document(s).
Procedure Flowchart :





For duties associated with each grade of personnel see


Updated on : 1/1/2004