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RHD Operational Procedure Technical Services Wing
Arboriculture - Operations Division
OP/ARB/2.4 - Disposal of Matured and Damaged Trees
Purpose and Scope :

The purpose of this procedure is to demonstrate how the disposal of matured or damaged trees is managed within the right-of-way and roadside land on the RHD road network, and in premises owned by the RHD.
Definitions :

Plantation Manual - produced by the RHD and gives guidelines on all aspects of planting, and includes maintenance of new plantations.

Survey Report (SR) - is a P.W. Accounts Form with a table showing description of trees for disposal, quantity, book values etc

Comparative Statement (CS) - is a statement showing the names of bidders, book value and the values of various bids in the auction for the disposal of matured/damaged trees.
Responsibility :

Chief Engineer (CE) - responsible for final approval of survey reports having a book value greater than 0.5 lac and not exceeding 3 lac. Also makes recommendations on proposals in SRs for book values greater than 3 lac, which are sent to the MoC.

Additional Chief Engineer - Technical Services Wing (ACE-TSW) - responsible for final approval of SRs having a book value greater than 0.3 lac and not exceeding 0.5 lac, when the CA believes that the disposal is of a sensitive nature.

Chief Arboriculturist - Arboriculture Circle (CA) - responsible for final approval of SRs having a book value greater than 0.3 lac and not exceeding 0.5 lac.

Executive Arboriculturist - Operations Division (EA) - responsible for final approval of all disposals having a value less than 0.3 lac, and managing the overall disposal process.

Sub-divisional Arboriculturist/Assistant Arboriculurist - Operations Division (SDA/AA) responsible for the preparion and checking of SRs and submission of the final SRs on disposal of trees to the EA. Also responsible for the survey, marking and handing over of the trees.

*Note: For sanction of SRs relating to development works, the total authority lies with the MoC. The CEs recommendation on survey reports will be required to obtain sanction from the MoC.
Method :


The surveys of mature, dead and damaged trees are undertaken jointly by the field officers of the Arboriculture Circle and the officers of the Field Zone or Project. Survey reports (SRs) are then prepared and checked by the SDAs and AAs, in accordance with RHD guidelines. The SRs are prepared in a standard format which is maintained by the Arboriculture Circle. PWD/Forest Department rates are used to prepare the estimated values in the reports. The completed reports are then submitted to the EA for review.


The EA checks and reviews all of the SRs and approves those, which have an estimated value of less than 0.3 Lac. When the estimated value is greater than 0.3 Lac the SR is sent to the CA for further review.


In normal circumstances, the CA reviews and finally approves SRs, which have an estimated value of greater than 0.3 lac but less than 0.5 lac. However, if any complication arises then the SR is sent to the ACE-TS for further review. The ACE can only give final approval to reports of value greater than 0.3 lac but less than 0.5 lac.

For SRs having an estimated value greater than 0.5 lac but not exceeding 3 lac, the CE is responsible for final approval. The CA ensures that the SRs are submitted to the CE via the ACE-TS and receives approval.

When the estimated value exceeds 3 lac, the SRs have to be submitted to the MoC for final approval, via the RHD chain of command.

The final approved SRs are then sent to the disposal section of the Arboriculture Circle by the CA and the EA is instructed to begin the disposal process.


On receipt of the approved survey reports, the EA publishes auction notices for the disposal of the matured, dead and damaged trees. The EA receives the bids and prepares the Comparative Statement (CS) of the bid process.

When the value of the bid is less than 0.5 Lac, the EA has the authority to issue the Work Order directly to the successful bidder. For all contracts in excess of 0.5 Lac the EA submits all relevant documentation to the CA, including approved SR, auction notice, bid documents, and CS. If the CA is satisfied, then the EA is instructed to proceed with the disposal process and issue the Work Order, if not the EA will be asked to review the auction process and resubmit to the CA.

The SDA receives a copy of the Work Order and organises the hand over of trees. The Arboriculture Circle Sectional Officers will provide close supervision during cutting and removal of trees from the site. The SDA/AAs inspect the disposal work, liaise with the forest department and submit a final report on the disposal to the EA.
References :

Plantation Manual - RHD.

RHD Management Manual - Table 7.1 - Schedule of Financial Authorities of RHD Officers December 2000.
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003