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RHD Operational Procedure Technical Services Wing
Arboriculture - Operations Division
OP/ARB/2.3 - Development and Management of Green Spots
Purpose and Scope :

Green Spot Development is an initiative to improve the management and utility of land-acquired by the RHD along highways. Through tree planting and subsequent management the amenity and habitat valve of this roadside land is increased and encroachment should be discouraged.
Definitions :

Development of RHD owned roadside land to improve management of RHD estate, discourage encroachment and improve quality of road-side habitat, and its amenity.
Responsibility :

Chief Arboriculturist - Arboriculture Circle (CA-AC)

Arrange necessary budget to undertake Green Spot development and management of subsequent projects.

Develop project ToR with assistance from Executive Arboriculturist and obtain approval from the Chief Engineer, RHD.

Ensure project implementation and monitoring.

Review mitigation measures for any adverse impacts, using the monitoring data.

Executive Arboriculturist - Arboriculture Circle (EA-AC)

Develop PCP in association with the Social & Environment Circle and Road Design & Safety Circle.

Review relevant GoB policies, guidelines and regulations.

Check project implementation activities carried out by the RHD staff or consultant.

Review progress reports and suggest additional measures.

Sub-divisional Arboriculturist - Arboriculture Circle (SDA-AC)

Maintain appropriate records, liase with Social and Environment Circle and Road Design & Safety Circle during development of Green Spot sites.

Liase with Forest Department, Bangladesh National Herbarium, review Draft National Land Use Policy for data sharing.

Assistant Arboriculturist - Arboriculture Circle (AA-AC)

Assist Sub-divisional Arboriculturist for preparation of ToR, project implementation and monitoring, management of records.


Green Spot development and management is an initiative of Arboriculture Section of RHD, that must take into account factors such as RHD landmarks, cultural and ecological characteristics. Landmarks may be relating to local history, historical bridges, cherished views. Green Spots are used for temporary break of journey, amplify visual appeal or quality. In Bangladesh, much of RHD highway land is unremarkable and not attractive and the majority of travellers and viewers are neither interested in nor impressed by the roadside landscapes past, which they drive. This procedure describes development and management of Green Spots as part of a highway improvement activity, it also provide some basic information as to how this might be achieved.

Acquire technical information relating to Green Spot development and management.

Ensure and clearly demarcate RHD owned roadside land.

Introduce community participation for development and management of such sites.

Design landscape in association with relevant Wings and Circles of RHD.

Maintain grassed areas at intervals and ensure plant protection in the early years of establishment of Green Spots. Weed control litter clearance.

Pruning of shrubs and trees (to improve their shape for ornamental species) and produce a balanced, stable head for individual trees.

Thinning of planting plots intended to provide a woodland effect in the longer term.

Removal of tall trees close to roads to prevent blockage onto the carriageway and accidents during storms.

Green spot developed and maintained discourages illegal encroachment.
Method :

Department of Botany, Dhaka University

Phone: 880-2-966 1900

Books available in the Forest Department Library, Mohakhali, Dhaka

Phone: 880-2-882 8364

Bangladesh National Herbarium, Mirpur, Dhaka

Phone: 880-2-900 0676, 880-2-802 0607
References :

Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003