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RHD Operational Procedure Ė Technical Services Wing
Arboriculture - Operations Division
OP/ARB/2.2 - Management of Plantation Work
Purpose and Scope :

The purpose of this procedure is to describe how to manage annual plantation works by the Arboriculture Circle for all the field zones of RHD including the Head Quarter premises of RHD.
Definitions :

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) - is an agreement between the RHD (represented by the CE) and the Forest Department (represented by the Chief Conservator of Forest). The MOU is an agreement between the RHD and the Forest Department for plantation along the RHD roadside land during the following five years.

Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) - a district level officer of the Forest Department.

Plantation Manual - produced by the RHD and gives guidelines on all aspects of planting, and includes maintenance of new plantations.

Annual Development Programme (ADP) - is the operational document of the GOBís 5-year plan and includes all types of GOB funded and Foreign Aided Projects, which are ongoing and newly included. The ADP consists of the main investment programme, technical assistance programme and self-financed programme, which are sub-divided into the different government sectors. The ADP is published in June and is available to the public.
Responsibility :

Chief Arboriculturist - Arboriculture Circle (CA) - has overall responsibility for the management of the plantation work.

Executive Arboriculturist - Operations Division (EA) - responsible for issuing work-orders, periodic inspection of work and issuing instructions to contractors.

Sub-divisional Arboriculturist - Operations Division (SDA) - responsible for hand over of the site to the contractor, periodic inspection of work and certification of plantation and maintenance work.

Assistant Arboriculturist (AA) - responsible for checking of saplings supplied by the contractor and site supervision of plantation and maintenance work. Normally refered to as a Section Officer.
Method :


As soon as the Operations Division selects the contractor, the EA sends the approved programme of work to the SDA/AAs and a work-order to the contractor. On receipt of the work-order, the contractor will contact the office of the SDA/AA to make arrangements for taking over the site of the plantation works. The SDA/AA take the necessary actions and issue instructions to his Arboriculture Section Officer in the division, who will hand over the site to the contractor.

to the Deputy Commissioner (Thana), Superintendent of Police, Superintending Engineer (respective Zone), Divisional Forest Officer, and the contractor.


The CA will hold a briefing meeting with each contractor on the plantation works. He then issues a letter of notification to the Deputy Commissioner (Thana), Superintendent of Police, Superintending Engineer and Divisional Forest Officer under whose jurisdiction the plantation site is located, requesting that necessary co-operation is given to the contractor. The letter is copied to the contractor.


The AA (Section Officer) will examine the saplings obtained by the contractor to ensure that they comply with the specification and schedule of works and give clearance to proceed with the plantation work.

After completion of all preparatory works the AA will inform the SDA who will make an inspection on-site and give clearance to the contractor to start the plantation works. On completion of the works, the SDA or the EA will make an inspection and instruct the contractor to replace dead and weak saplings. When the replacement work is completed satisfactorily, the AA will inspect the site, certify the completion of plantation works and report to the SDA.


The contract provision is normally for a two-year maintenance period. The EA will agree the completion date for the plantation work with the contractor, from which date the maintenance period will start. The contractor will carry out maintenance as per the terms and conditions of the tender and maintenance guidelines for the period as provided in his contract.

During the maintenance period the plantation works are inspected every four months by the EA, SDA or AA. The contractors are instructed to fulfil all the maintenance requirements including replacement of plants if any of those planted earlier is found to be dead or damaged. Subject to satisfactory completion of the plantation work, a completion certificate is issued by the EA.
References :

∑ Annual Development Programme - RHD

∑ Memorandum of Understanding - RHD/Forest Department

∑ Plantation Manual - RHD
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003