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RHD Operational Procedure Technical Services Wing
Social and Environment - Environment Division
OP/SE/3.2 - Procurement and Monitoring of Environmental Services
Purpose and Scope :

This Operational Procedure describes the need for procurement of environmental services and monitoring of those services for project sustainability. Environmental Assessment is a multidisciplinary activity and requires special equipment and skills, such as measuring and predicting noise levels and assessing noise nuisance, air quality, wildlife study, water quality, vegetation study etc. The Environment Circle has limited capacity to conduct these so, there is a need to deploy the consultants or freelance specialists for the purpose. Accordingly, Request for Proposal (RFP) will be prepared by the consultants and subsequently approved by the RHD appropriate authority. The procurement process may be conducted either by the Environment Division or by the Field Divisions considering relevant RHD procedures. Environment Division in association with the Project Authority or Field Division will be responsible for monitoring of consultant's work.
Definitions :

Responsibility :

Additional Chief Engineer - Technical Services Wing (ACE-TSW)

In consultation with the ACE-Field, he will approve the estimates and RFP required for the study.

Superintending Engineer - Social & Environment Circle (SE-SEC)

He will arrange to shortlist the Firms/Organisations or Freelance Consultant through asking to submit 'Expression of Interest' to provide consulting service.

Review the Proposals submitted by the Firms/consultant, and send to the ACE-TSW for approval.

Arrange necessary budget for study and send the Terms of Reference (ToR) to the ACE-TSW for approval.

Enable dialogue with the EE-Field for recruitment of the consultant.

Ensure technical capacity of staff for understanding environmental monitoring issues, effective screening and services provided by the consultants.

Executive Engineer - Environment Division (EE-ED)

He will assist the EE-Field Division for preparation of ToR.

Prepare additional environmental requirements for inclusion into the TOR, such as monitoring of induced impacts, corrective action plans etc.

Consult Operational Procedure No. OP/SE/3.3. (Monitoring of Environmental Issues on Projects).

Executive Engineer - Field Division (EE-FD)

He will prepare the ToR in consultation with the EE-ED.

Supervision and monitoring of consultant's work.

Conduct periodic audits of site inspections.

Consult Operational Procedure No. OP/SE/3.3. (Monitoring of Environmental Issues on Projects).

Superintending Engineer - Field Circle (SE-FC)

He will arrange necessary budget and send the ToR to the Additional Chief Engineer, Zone (ACE-Z) for approval.

Ensure that the consultant services consider existing relevant Government policies, rules and regulations and liase with DOE for data sharing.

Consult Operational Procedure No. OP/SE/3.3. (Monitoring of Environmental Issues on Projects).
Method :

1. Preparation of Terms of Reference (TOR): The TOR should be prepared for procurement or outsourcing of services highlighting the key issues and outputs to be addressed in the IEE, EIA and EMP.

2. Advertisement in the newspaper asking "Expression of Interest".

3. Careful review of Proposals submitted by the Consultant.

4. Selections of consultant also ensure that the consultant has all necessary skills, experience and operating permits.

5. Prepare related requirements for inclusion into agreement contract (such as obligations including environmental monitoring, cross-checking parameters, etc.)

6. Review reports produced and overall progress of work.

7. Conduct periodic audits of work undertaken.
References :

Standard RHD Procedures for Advertisement

Documents on proposed projects

Environmental Guidelines, Volume 1, Environmental Management in the Roads and Highways Department, Ministry of Communications, January 2003

Environmental Manual, Volume 2 (under preparation), Environmental Management in the Roads and Highways Department, Ministry of Communications

Guidebook for Preparation and Review of EA, World Bank, January 2000
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




For duties associated with each grade of personnel see


Updated on : 1/12/2003