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RHD Operational Procedure Technical Services Wing
BRRL - Quality Control Division
OP/BRL/4.3 - Management and Calibration of Equipment
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure outlines the process to be adopted for the checking and calibration of equipment used by BRRL Dhaka, Zonal/Field laboratories and field laboratories for soil investigations and materials testing.
Definitions :

Equipment - is deemed to include all measuring devices with moving parts, dials, gauges or other measuring features that would affect the accuracy of the device if worn or damaged.

Calibration - the process of checking the accuracy of a measuring device and making adjustments to it such that measurements determined as a result of using it are accurate.

Primary Calibration - the calibration of laboratory equipment at BRRL Dhaka by Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology.

Secondary Calibration - the calibration of laboratory equipment at Zonal/Field laboratories by BRRL Dhaka.

RHD Standard Test Procedures (May 2001) - the Standard Test Procedures authorised by the Chief Engineer, RHD.

Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) - an institution that has and maintains accurate measuring devices.
Responsibility :

Superintending Engineer - BRRL (SE-BRRL) - has overall responsibility for services undertaken or provided by BRRL.

Executive Engineer - Quality Control Division (EE-QCD) - is responsible for arranging the periodic checking and calibration of BRRL equipment and corresponding equipment in the Zonal/Field laboratories.
Method :


Almost all-measuring equipment should be subjected to checking for accuracy and re-calibrated if necessary on a regular basis. The frequency of checking will to a large extent depend on the frequency of use of the particular piece of equipment, but for highly sensitive equipment frequent testing will be required even with limited use particularly if it is moved. The frequency of re-calibration is normally recommended by equipment manufacturers, but some equipment must be calibrated every time it is used, as documented in the Standard Test Procedures.

In order that equipment can be checked and re-calibrated if necessary, it is first necessary to have a standard that is known to be accurate against which the equipment can be checked. Usually the manufacturer of a particular piece of equipment maintains a standard for that equipment against which others can be checked and calibrated.

In the absence of the manufacturers or their representatives in Bangladesh it is assumed that the measuring devices held by Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology are sufficiently accurate to provide a standard for the calibration of BRRL equipment.



In the first instance EE-QCD should prepare an inventory of all measuring devices held by BRRL in Dhaka and in the field laboratories. This should include the make, type, model, condition, year of manufacture and date of last calibration. This inventory should be updated as and when new equipment is procured and existing equipment re-calibrated.


Clearly it would incur unnecessary expense to use BUET or the equipment manufacturers to re-calibrate all BRRL equipment on a routine basis. To avoid this EE-QCD should arrange for individual items of equipment at BRRL Dhaka to be re-calibrated and for this equipment to be used as the standard for the re-calibration of similar equipment at BRRL Dhaka and in the zonal/field laboratories.

EE-QCD should prepare a list of BRRL equipment that should be re-calibrated and used as a standard for the checking/calibration of all other BRRL equipment, and obtain estimates from the manufacturers or BUET for this primary calibration.

Subject to the agreement of SE-BRRL an application should be submitted by EE-QCD to SE-BRRL for obtaining budget approval from CE-RHD, and subject to this approval the primary calibration should be carried out.


Upon completion of the primary calibration EE-QCD should initiate a rolling programme for the calibration of similar equipment at BRRL Dhaka and in the Zonal/Field laboratories as well as equipment provided by contractors in site laboratories for individual road contracts.
References :

RHD Standard Test Procedures (May 2001)

RHD Standard Tender Documents Volume 3 of 4 - Technical Specifications (May 2001)
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003