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RHD Operational Procedure Technical Services Wing
BRRL - Quality Control Division
OP/BRL/4.2 - Compliance Monitoring of RHD Maintenance and Construction Works
Purpose and Scope :

This procedure covers the process for identifying non-compliance with RHD testing procedures and/or the materials and workmanship specified in the Contract Documents for RHD maintenance and construction contracts.
Definitions :

RHD Standard Test Procedures - are the test procedures contained in the Standard Test Procedures Manual (May 2001) authorized by the Chief Engineer, RHD.

Design Standards and Specifications - are deemed to include all design standards, manuals and specifications that have been approved for use in Bangladesh by the Chief Engineer, RHD in relation to road design and construction.
Responsibility :

Superintending Engineer - BRRL (SE-BRRL) - has overall responsibility for services undertaken or provided by BRRL.

Executive Engineer - Quality Control Division (EE-QCD) - is responsible for carrying out quality audits for both zonal/field and project laboratories, and for on-going RHD maintenance and construction works.

Superintending Officer - is the Additional Chief Engineer or Superintending Engineer named in the Contract Data for an RHD road or bridge project

"Engineer" - is the Superintending Engineer or Executive Engineer named in the Contract Data for an RHD road or bridge project.
Method :


The responsibility for ensuring compliance with the RHD Standards and Test Procedures for all RHD maintenance and construction contracts lies with the designated Engineer for each contract. He is supported in this by his site supervision staff, Project laboratories and testing staff, and by BRRL Zonal/Field laboratories for additional testing facilities when required.

With respect to the testing of materials it will be the responsibility of the Project and Zonal/Field laboratories to report to the respective Engineer for the Contract any non-compliances with the materials and workmanship specified in the Contract Documents they identify.

Under Operating Procedure OP/BRL/4.1 audits of both the Zonal/Field and Project laboratories are to be undertaken by EE-QCD on behalf of BRRL-Dhaka. In effect these audits are a check on the quality control and accuracy of these laboratories. In the event that EE-QCD identifies further non-compliances (possibly resulting from defective testing equipment or procedures adopted by the laboratories), he will immediately prepare a draft report on these for review by SE-BRRL.

Upon approval to the draft report by SE-BRRL it will be finalised and submitted to the respective Engineer for the contract to which it relates for his attention/action.


During his audit of the Zonal/Field and Project laboratories EE-QCD will assess whether or not these laboratories are undertaking tests in accordance with RHD procedures. However, even when these tests are correctly carried out it is still necessary to confirm that the results of these tests confirm, or otherwise, that the materials tested comply with the requirements of the Contract Documents for the Project.

As part of Operational Procedure OP/BRL/4.1, Zonal/Field and Project laboratories are required not only to carry out tests requested by the Engineer, but also to confirm whether or not those tests demonstrated compliance with the requirements of the Contract Documents. In addition to advising the Engineer for the relevant project of any non-compliance these laboratories are to submit monthly reports to BRRL Dhaka containing details of all tests carried out and their results.

EE-QCD should review these monthly reports and prepare a summary of all non-compliances identified for review by SE-BRRL. Where it is shown that a particular contractor over a period of months frequently, or persistently, fails to meet the requirements of the Contract Documents with respect to materials or workmanship then SE-BRRL will notify the Superintending Officer for the relevant Contract.

This notification should also be sent to SE-Procurement Circle for consideration in selecting contractors invited to tender for future works of a similar nature.
References :

Operational Procedures OP/BRL/4.1.
Procedure Flowchart :

The procedure flowchart for this procedure is detailed below -




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Updated on : 1/12/2003