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OP/ZF/1.1 - Annual Budget Request and Surveys - (Zonal Operations)
OP/ZF/1.2 - Preparation of Draft PCP - (Zonal Operations)
OP/ZF/1.2 - Supervision and Monitoring of Field activities - (Zonal Operations)
OP/ZF/1.3 - Land Acquisition Estimates - (Zonal Operations)
OP/ZF/1.4 - Preparation of Draft PCP/PP/TAPP - (Zonal Operations)
OP/ZF/1.4 - Preparation of Annual Work Programme - (Zonal Operations)
OP/ZF/1.5 - Design of Revenue & Development Works - (Zonal Operations)
OP/ZF/2.1 - Annual Divisional Programme and Budget - (Zonal Operations)
OP/ZF/2.1 - Procurement of Contractors for GoB funded Works - (Zonal Operations)
OP/ZF/2.3 - Quality Control on site - (Zonal Operations)
OP/ZF/2.3 - Routine and Periodic Maintenance Works - (Zonal Operations)
OP/ZF/2.4 - Land Acquisition Estimates - (Zonal Operations)
OP/ZF/2.4 - Monitoring and Reporting Construction and Maintenance against Programme and Budget on Site - (Zonal Operations)
OP/ZF/3.1 - Project Implementation - (Zonal Operations)
OP/ZF/3.10 - Emergency and Incident Management - (Zonal Operations)
OP/ZF/3.10 - Flood Damage Management - (Zonal Operations)
OP/ZF/3.11 - Co-ordination of Field Testing - (Zonal Operations)
OP/ZF/3.12 - Note Book (Daily diary) - (Zonal Operations)
OP/ZF/3.2 - Preparation of Progress Reports - (Zonal Operations)
OP/ZF/3.3 - Management - (Zonal Operations)
OP/ZF/3.4 - Liasion with other GoB and Statutory Bodies - (Zonal Operations)
OP/ZF/3.5 - Reply to Audit Objections - (Zonal Operations)
OP/ZF/3.6 - Preparation of Sub-Divisional and Divisional Accounts - (Zonal Operations)
OP/ZF/3.7 - Auction of Unserviceable Goods - (Zonal Operations)
OP/ZF/3.8 - Removal of Encroachments - (Zonal Operations)
OP/ZF/3.9 - Ferry Service Operations - (Zonal Operations)