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OP/ME/1.1- Development and Review ICT Guidelines - (MIS and Estates)
OP/ME/1.2 - Preparation Annual MIS Plan and Budget - (MIS and Estates)
OP/ME/1.3 - Procurement, Storage and Installation - (MIS and Estates)
OP/ME/1.4 - Operation of Help Desk and Equipment Database - (MIS and Estates)
OP/ME/2.1 - Data Storage & Network Security - (MIS and Estates - Hardware and Network)
OP/ME/2.2 - Network and Communications Systems - (MIS and Estates - Hardware and Network)
OP/ME/3.1- Development, Design and Upgrade of Software & Database - (MIS and Estates - Software Development)
OP/ME/3.2 - Management of RHD Website and MIS - (MIS and Estates - Software Development)
OP/ME/3.3 - Management and Development of RHD Databases - (MIS and Estates - Software Development)
OP/ME/4.1 - Control of RHD Documents - (MIS and Estates - Software Development - Library & Records )
OP/ME/5.2 - Maintenance of LA Plans, Maps & Records - (MIS and Estates - Estates Division)
OP/ME/5.3 - Eviction from RHD Land - (MIS and Estates - Estates Division)
OP/ME/6.1 - Land Acquisition - (MIS and Estates - Land Records & Acquisition Division)