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OP/AA/1.1- Consolidated Monthly and Annual Accounts - (Audit and Accounts)
OP/AA/1.2 - Preparation of Consolidated Monthly Report of Expenditure - (Audit and Accounts)
OP/AA/1.3 - Reporting Systems and Financial Planning and Control - (Audit and Accounts)
OP/AA/1.4 - Remittance, Deposit & Suspense Accounts - (Audit and Accounts)
OP/AA/1.5 - PAC and Audit Meetings - (Audit and Accounts)
OP/AA/2.1- Preparation of RHD Revenue & Development Budgets - (Audit and Accounts - Accounts)
OP/AA/2.2 - Distribution of Final Budget Allocations - (Audit and Accounts - Accounts)
OP/AA/3.1 - Inspection Reports, Audit Notes, Advance Paras, Draft Paras & Survey Reports - (Audit and Accounts - Audit)
OP/AA/3.2 - Routine Internal Audit & Inspection. Compliance Testing - (Audit and Accounts - Audit)
OP/AA/3.3 - Internal Audit & Inspections for Gross Irregularities - (Audit and Accounts - Audit)