RHD Officers
# Name, Designation and Posting Phone and Email
Md. Abdul Wahid [ID: 005109]
Additional Chief Engineer
PD (ACE) Office, Support to joydevpur-Debogram-Bhulta-Madanpur Road ( Dhaka Bypass) PPP Project [Zone Office]
Phone: 01321168578, 01321168578
Mobile: 01321168578
Email: dhakabypassppp@gmail.com
Md. Rezaul Karim [ID: 000452]
Additional Chief Engineer
Management Services Wing, Sarak Bhaban, Tejgaon, Dhaka [Zone Office]
Phone: 8879314, 01730782503
Mobile: 01730782503
Email: acemsw@rhd.gov.bd
Shoaib Ahmed [ID: 000423]
Additional Chief Engineer
Planning & Maintenance Wing, Dhaka [Zone Office]
Phone: 8879355, 01730782520
Mobile: 01730782520
Email: acepmz@rhd.gov.bd
Shishir Kanti Routh [ID: 000397]
Additional Chief Engineer
Bridge Management Wing, Sarak Bhaban, Tejgaon, Dhaka [Zone Office]
Phone: 8879350, 01730782551
Mobile: 01730782551
Email: acebmw@rhd.gov.bd
Dr Md. Abdullah Al Mamun [ID: 000414]
Additional Chief Engineer
Technical Services, Dhaka [Zone Office]
Phone: 9114956, 01730782571
Mobile: 01730782571
Email: acets@rhd.gov.bd
A. K. M. Azad Rahman [ID: 001501]
Additional Chief Engineer
Barishal [Zone Office]
Phone: 043164651, 01730782782
Mobile: 01730782782
Email: acebar@rhd.gov.bd
Md. Ataur Rahman [ID: 005153]
Additional Chief Engineer
Chattogram [Zone Office]
Phone: 031712811, 01730782677
Mobile: 01730782677
Email: acechi@rhd.gov.bd
Abu Hena Mohammed Tareq Iqbal [ID: 001500]
Additional Chief Engineer
Cumilla [Zone Office]
Phone: 08164721, 01730782639
Mobile: 01730782639
Email: acecom@rhd.gov.bd
Md. Sabuj Uddin Khan [ID: 005032]
Additional Chief Engineer
Dhaka [Zone Office]
Phone: 9136138, 01730782592
Mobile: 01730782592
Email: acedha@rhd.gov.bd
Md. Sadequl Islam [ID: 006003]
Additional Chief Engineer
Gopalganj [Zone Office]
Phone: 026681965, 01730782801
Mobile: 01730782801
Email: acegopal@rhd.gov.bd
Syed Aslam Ali [ID: 001049]
Additional Chief Engineer
Khulna [Zone Office]
Phone: 041761378, 01730782754
Mobile: 01730782754
Email: acekhu@rhd.gov.bd
Md. Shoukat Ali [ID: 005058]
Additional Chief Engineer
Mymensingh [Zone Office]
Phone: 09162741, 01730782867
Mobile: 01730782867
Email: acemym@rhd.gov.bd
Md. Moniruzzaman [ID: 000422]
Additional Chief Engineer
Rajshahi [Zone Office]
Phone: 0721772423, 01730782703
Mobile: 01730782703
Email: aceraj@rhd.gov.bd
Md. Suruz Mia [ID: 007001]
Additional Chief Engineer
Rangpur [Zone Office]
Phone: 052164836, 01730782725
Mobile: 01730782725
Email: aceran@rhd.gov.bd
Md. Fazle Rabbe [ID: 005379]
Additional Chief Engineer
Sylhet [Zone Office]
Phone: 0821726755, 01730782660
Mobile: 01730782660
Email: acesyl@rhd.gov.bd
Md. Jamal Uddin [ID: 005085]
Additional Chief Engineer (Mechanical)
Mechanical Wing [Zone Office]
Phone: 8878122, 01730782818
Mobile: 01730782818
Email: acemw@rhd.gov.bd
A.K. Mohammad Fazlul Karim [ID: 005046]
Project Director (PD) / ACE
SASEC Dhaka-Sylhet Corridor Road Investment Project [Zone Office]
Phone: 0241081123, 01321168601
Mobile: 01321168601
Email: pd.dhakasylhet.rhd@gmail.com
Abu Sayeed Md. Nazmul Huda [ID: 005201]
Project Director (PD) / ACE
PD (ACE) Office, Improvement of Sylhet- Tamabil Road to a 4-Lane highway Project [Zone Office]
Phone: 0241025193, 01313092149
Mobile: 01313092149
Email: pdstriprhd@gmail.com
Khan Md. Kamrul Ahsan [ID: 005081]
Project Director (PD) / ACE
PD (ACE) Office, Sylhet-Charkhai-Sheola Highway Improvement Project [Zone Office]
Mobile: N/A
Email: N/A
Md. Amanullah [ID: 005028]
Project Director (PD) / ACE
PD (ACE) Office, Bangladesh Road Safety Project [Zone Office]
Mobile: N/A
Email: N/A
Md. Zabid Hasan [ID: 006010]
Project Director (PD) / ACE
PD (ACE) Office, Jhenaidah- Jashore Highway (N-7) Improvement Project [Zone Office]
Phone: 0241024871, 01313092171
Mobile: 01313092171
Email: pd.wecarewb.rhd@gmail.com
Md. Zahangir Alam [ID: 005412]
Project Director (PD) / ACE
Matarbari Ultra Super Critical Coal-Fired Power Project (RHD Part) [Zone Office]
Mobile: N/A
Email: N/A
Mohammad Abdul Halim [ID: 001050]
Project Director (PD) / ACE
PD (ACE) Office, Improvement of Comilla (Moinamati)-Brahmanbaria (Dharkhar) National Highway (N-102) as 4-lane Highway. [Zone Office]
Phone: 01321168651
Mobile: 01321168651
Email: pd.loc03@gmail.com
Mohammad Akbar Hossain Patwary [ID: 001051]
Project Director (PD) / ACE
Matarbari Port Development Project (RHD Part) [Zone Office]
Phone: 01313092129
Mobile: 01313092129
Email: pdportrhd@gmail.com
Mohammad Shabbir Hasan Khan [ID: 000377]
Project Director (PD) / ACE
Technical Assistant for Road Transport Connectivity Improvement Project Preparatory Facility [Zone Office]
Phone: 0241082681, 01313092136
Mobile: 01313092136
Email: pd.rtcippf.rhd@gmail.com
Md. Zakir Hossain [ID: 005168]
Project Director (PD) / ACE
3rd Shitalakhya Bridge Construction Project [Zone Office]
Phone: 9335329, 01730782888
Mobile: 01730782888
Email: pd.shitalakhya@gmail.com
Md. Abdul Awal Molla [ID: 000405]
Project Director (PD) / ACE
Ashuganj River Port-Sarail-Darkhar- Akhaura [Zone Office]
Phone: 01729067545
Mobile: 01729067545
Email: pdlocrhd@gmail.com
Shyamal Kumar Bhattacharyya [ID: 001035]
Project Director (PD) / ACE
PD (ACE) Office, Cross Border Road Network Improvement Project (Bangladesh) [Zone Office]
Phone: 01708139625
Mobile: 01708139625
Email: pdcbrnip@rhd.gov.bd
A.S.M. Elias Shah [ID: 005007]
Project Director (PD) / ACE
PD Office, Greater Dhaka Sustainable Urban Transport Project (BRT Gazipur-Airport) [Zone Office]
Mobile: N/A
Email: pdrhd.gdsutp@gmail.com
Dr Md. Waliur Rahman [ID: 005083]
Project Director (PD) / ACE
PD Office, SASEC-II: Improvement of Elenga-Hatikamrul-Rangpur Road to a 4-Lane Highway [Zone Office]
Phone: 01799985240
Mobile: 01799985240
Email: pd.sasecii.rhd@gmail.com
Mohammad Rabiul Alam [ID: 000425]
Additional Executive Director / ACE
Dhaka Transport Co-ordination Authority (DTCA) [Zone Office]
Mobile: N/A
Email: N/A