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Roads and Highways Department

Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges


The Roads and Highways Department (RHD) was created in 1962 when the old 'Construction & Building (C&B) organisation was split into 2 separate bodies (the other being Public Works Department). RHD is responsible for the construction and the maintenance of the major road and bridge network of Bangladesh.


The departmental goal is that "The Roads and Highways Department is able to provide the People of Bangladesh with a safe, cost effective and well maintained road network". And the purpose of the RHD is stated as follows: "The Roads and Highways Department has a sustainable capacity to plan, manage and deliver its full range of responsibilities in respect of the main road and bridge network and to be accountable for these duties".

Online Road Network

Roads and bridges general information can view or search with geographical positioning.

Personnel Datasheet

Personal information of RHD employees, postings, transfers, promotions, contact information, training and job related information.


All tender and contract information including payment certificates, vouchers and cheque book records and shows both physical and financial progress of RHD works

Online Tender Notice

RHD offices publish tender notices in to the RHD web site and contractors can view or search published tenders notices over internet and participate in tenders.

Project Monitoring System

ADP information with yearly allocation and expenditure and generate monthly progress report of the project that updated from the project offices. The overall progress of the ADPs are monitored.


Tenderers Database Management System provides Tenderer's all information and documents, work experience performed, valuation of works, calculation of tender capacity and annual turnover.

Schedule of Rates

RHD Schedule item information with rate analysis of all the items approved by the Chief Engineer of RHD and that are used by the engineers of RHD to estimate the contract at the approved rate.


Expression of Interest of RHD offices publish in to the RHD website and stakeholder can notify the information within a short time.


RHD consists of five Headquarter Wings/Zones and seven Field Zones, each headed by an Additional Chief Engineer who reports directly to the Chief Engineer of RHD.

Management Services Wing

The Management Services Wing is in charge of all the central administration and establishment function, Management Information System (MIS), Human Resource Development (HRD), Estates, Audit and Accounts. Key responsibilities of the wing are:

· To establish an effective management and human resources development systems to guide for promotion, posting, training and development of all RHD personnel.
· To review the activities of RHD for computerization and existing management information system and to take necessary steps in providing comprehensive and reliable MIS system.
· To ensure that the RHD Web site (www.rhd.gov.bd) and all the infrastructures related to Information and Communication Technology (ICT), e.g. servers, workstations, Local Area Network (LAN), Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), Internet etc. are maintained properly and reliably.
· To campaign and encourage all the RHD officers and staffs to use E-mail facility for cheaper and faster communications and the RHD Web site for proper and handy information about their activities.
· To ensure that records of all lands and buildings are maintained appropriately and Audit and Accounts procedure are maintained effectively.

Planning and Maintenance Wing

The Planning and Maintenance Wing is responsible for all aspects of planning, programming, procurement, maintenance and monitoring of road and bridge projects.

The Wing is currently using state of the art systems for the establishment of annual maintenance programmes designed to ensure that the value of the RHD's Road and Bridge Assets are maintained and enhanced in a cost effective manner.

Bridge Management Wing

The Bridge Management Wing is responsible for all aspects of data collection, surveys, planning, construction and maintenance of bridges on RHD roads.

The Bridge Management Wing maintains a close liaison with all other RHD wings to ensure that all bridge works are well managed from conception through to physical completion and are then appropriately maintained to optimise the use of funds.

Technical Services Wing

The Technical Services Wing provides in-house and out-sourced services in road design, environmental and social impact mitigation, road safety, quality control and research.

The Wing maintains and updates road design standards and ensures that all roads and bridges within RHD afford the highest standards of public safety. In addition, the Wing ensures that social and environmental impacts of road and bridge construction are minimised and seeks to raise standards of construction through research and quality control.

Mechanical Wing

The Mechanical Zone is responsible for the provision, operation and maintenance of equipment, vehicles and ferries required to undertake the activities of RHD.

The wing follows commercially sound practices so that in the future it may become a private sector organisation. The Zone hires out equipment at commercial rates to RHD contractors and provides a safe and cost effective ferry fleet.

Top Management

Syed Moinul Hasan

Chief Engineer, RHD

Chief Engineer, RHD
Phone: 8879299, 01730782500
Mobile: 01730782500
Email: ce@rhd.gov.bd

Md. Rezaul Karim

Additional Chief Engineer

Management Services Wing
Phone: 8879314, 01730782503
Mobile: 01730782503
Email: acemsw@rhd.gov.bd

Shoaib Ahmed

Additional Chief Engineer

Planning & Maintenance Wing, Dhaka
Phone: 8879355, 01730782520
Mobile: 01730782520
Email: acepmz@rhd.gov.bd

Additional Chief Engineer

Technical Services, Dhaka
Phone: 9114956, 01730782571
Mobile: 01730782571
Email: acets@rhd.gov.bd

Shishir Kanti Routh

Additional Chief Engineer

Bridge Management Wing, Sarak Bhaban, Tejgaon, Dhaka
Phone: 8879350, 01730782551
Mobile: 01730782551
Email: acebmw@rhd.gov.bd

Md. Jamal Uddin

Additional Chief Engineer (Mechanical)

Mechanical Wing
Phone: 8878122, 01730782818
Mobile: 01730782818
Email: acemw@rhd.gov.bd


Office of the Chief Engineer, Roads and Highways Department (RHD).


Sarak Bhaban Tejgaon, Dhaka Bangladesh


+88 02-8879299

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