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Hazi Shariatullah Bridge was inaugurated

Hazi Shariatullah Bridge was inaugurated by Begum Khaleda Zia the Honourable Prime Minister Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh in 15 May, 2005.

The above bridge will establish a shorten and cost effective road link between Dhaka and key cities like Khulna, Jessore , Gopalganj. Bagerhat as well as Barisal and strategic seaport of Mogla; will reduce poverty in the project zone of influence by providing access to income and employment; will induce economic growth in the relatively neglected southwestern region of the country by critical infrastructure needs and will accommodate the international trafficc from both the Mongla seaport and Benapole land port. With trade liberalization and maintenance of good economic relations with neighboring countries, the overland trade has been increasing constantly. As a result Bangladesh will benefit significantly though such trade.

At a glance

Length of project Road :162.39 km
Length of the bridge :450 m
Width :10 m
Span arrangement :10 spans 45 m each
Approch road :East end-2.4 km, West end-2.0 km
Location :At 9th km of Mawa-Bhanga road
Foundation :Total 160 numbers RCC Bored Pile 1 m Dia 50 to 60 m length
Supper Structure :Pre-stressed concrete
Cost of the Bridge :153 crore

The SRNDP project comprises reconstruction of 162.39 Km National Highways from the capital to town Noapara, connecting point to Khulna – Bagerhat road together with re construction of 1780 m of RC/PC bridges including 450 m long Hazi Shariatullah Bridge. SRNDP will develop capability within RHD through transfer of technology and training for planning and executing their own road development works.