The RMMS Database upgradation is going on.
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Road Maintenance Management System

This is internet version of Road Maintenance Management System (RMMS). Here you may search for roads and view general information on the roads. At the moment this gives you a view-only version of the road database that is maintained by HDM circle in RHD headquarter. Information is generally collected once a year and the process is overseen by HDM circle. Please contact HDM circle in Sarak Bhaban for further clarification.
 Classification  No. of roads  Total length
 National Highway  110  3,990.75
 Regional Highway  147  4,897.71
 Zilla Road  735  13,587.82
 Total 992 22,476.28
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 Busiest Links (top 5)
 Link No  Road No  AADT
 N302-4S  N302   45424
 N1-2L  N1   35482
 N1-2R  N1   33922
 R685-2S  R685   32554
 R685-3S  R685   32554
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 Longest roads (top 5)
 Road No  Length (Km)
 N5   526
 N1   462
 N2   287
 N7   250
 N6   232
  RHD Zone, Circle and Division-wise Road Length