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List of ongoing works on the road ( R160 )
Fund Source   Contract no.   St. Date   Duration   Type of work  Start location End location  Res.Division 
           LRP   Offset  Chainage      LRP   Offset  Chainage      
 Development  EBBIP/WD12/2011-12  30-Jul-2013  1066 Days  Road Rehablitation  LRP042  500 41.595     LRP042  685 41.78     Khagrachari, (Division Office) 
 Development  EBBIP/WD12/2011-12  30-Jul-2013  1066 Days  Road Rehablitation  LRP047  0 46.028     LRP047  450 46.478     Khagrachari, (Division Office) 
 Development  EBBIP/WD12/2011-12  30-Jul-2013  1066 Days  Road Rehablitation  LRP048  97 47.182     LRP049  0 48.005     Khagrachari, (Division Office) 
 Development  EBBIP/WD12/2011-12  30-Jul-2013  1066 Days  Road Rehablitation  LRP057  330 56.264     LRP057  895 56.829     Khagrachari, (Division Office) 
 Note: The on going work list is gathered from Central Management System (CMS) running in the field divisions and the information is updated once in a month at RHD head office. This information is largely depended on how the work is defined in CMS and will not include any contract that is not properly defined by field division