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Specific Job Descriptions (BRRL)

Post : E.E (Material Testing & Maintenance Division)

Wing : Technical Services

Circle: BRRL

Division : Material Testing & Maintenance

Officers under the division :

1. Sub-Divisional Engineer - 1 No.

2. Assistant Engineer - 2 No.

3. Sub-Assistant Engineer - 1 No.

Personnel specifications :

The post holder must meet the general requirements of an Executive Engineer as specified in the RHD Management Manual and as per recruitment rules.

The post holder should preferably be a graduate in Civil Engineering with training/post-graduate studies in highway materials. He should a minimum working experience of 3 years in BRRL/field or in design.

Duties and responsibilities :

In addition to the general responsibilities of the post of Executive Engineer, as specified in the RHD Management Manual, the specific duties relating to this position are detailed below:

1. Undertake research and testing in accordance with Standard Test Procedures.

2. Carry out periodic reviews of materials testing procedures to ensure they meet current needs.

3. Provide advice to field divisions on relevant issues of road and bridge construction materials.

4. Assist RHDTC in providing training on construction materials and testing procedures.

5. Identifying areas of research required in connection with road construction materials and related issues.

6. Carry out maintenance works of BRRL offices, residential, establishment under BRRL Lab. equipment etc.

7. Ensure that all equipment under the BRRL is in correct working order and is properly calibrated.

8. Periodically review equipment needs for new equipment and report to the SE-BRRL Circle.

9. Arrange tests for which testing facilities are not available in the Zonal/Field Laboratories.


For duties associated with each grade of personnel see


Updated on : 1/12/2003