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Specific Job Descriptions (BRRL)

Post : Geologist (Soil Investigation Division)

Wing : Technical Services

Circle : BRRL

Division : Soil Investigation

Personnel specifications :

The post holder must meet the general requirements of a Geologist as specified in the RHD Management Manual and as per recruitment rules.

The candidate for this post should be a Masters in Geology. He should have undertaken training/post-graduate studies in geology sector. He should have a minimum working experience of 3 years in soil sector, such as, soil investigation, research & testing.

Duties and responsibilities :

In addition to the general responsibilities of the post of Geologist, as specified in the RHD Management Manual, the specific duties relating to this position are detailed below:

1. Prepare reports on the soil characteristics of samples collected from field.

2. Conduct laboratory tests for soil.

3. Assist SE/EE, BRRL in research work related with soil.

4. Inspection of major road embankment failure, identify the causes and submit report.

5. Analyse the soil strata, classification of soil and sub-soil materials.

6. Conduct geological survey on big project areas.


For duties associated with each grade of personnel see


Updated on : 1/12/2003