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Specific Job Descriptions (Foreign Aided Projects)

Post : Engineers Representative – PIU Roads or Bridges or PMP

Offices under the Engineer's Representative – PIU

• Project Manager

• Supporting officers

Personnel Specifications:

The Engineer’s Representative (ER) shall meet the general requirements of a prudent international consultant as specified by FIDIC and the requirements as provided in the contract agreement between the ‘Consulting firm’ and the ‘Employer’.

When the ER is engaged from the RHD Superintending Engineers or the Executive Engineers he should have ability to perform duties according to the responsilities of an Engineer’s Representative and the general duties and responsilities as specified in the RHD Management Manual Volume 1 and as provided in the recruitment rules of the government. The post holder, in this case, shall be a minimum graduate in civil engineering and served as a Project Director or Additional Project Director or Project Manager of a foreign aided project for a minimum period of three years. He should preferably have received training in construction and maintenance management of roads and bridges.

Duties and Responsibilities:


1. Prepare contract packages and bidding document based on Standard Tendering Documents as modified by RHD and in accordance with PPR 2003.

2. Participate actively in the selection process of contractors.

3. Prepare project specific Quality Assurance Plan for the works incorporating amongst others, procedures for document control and quality control.

4. Review contractor’s work programme, statements of methodology and instruct for necessary adjustments in a particular work item to avoid delay in the completion of the works.

5. Ensure that the contractor establishes site facilities according to the requirements of the contract for proper arrangement and management of the project.

6. Ensure that the laboratory tests are certified and records of tests are maintained by the contractor in accordance with the Quality Assurance Plan.

7. Issue site instructions, directions and orders to the contractor as authorized on behalf of the ‘Engineer’.

8. Prepare and process variation orders to the contract for issue by the ‘Engineer’ or the ‘Employer’.

9. Advise the ‘Engineer’ on all issues affecting the contractor's approved programme, rate of progress and performance.

10. Prepare evaluations and recommendations to the ‘Engineer’ on any claims or requests for extension of time submitted by the consultant or the contractor.

11. Ensure that the contractor complies with the requirements of the contract in relation to the health and safety of his work force and the public, together with mitigation of social and environmental impacts.

12. Overview maintaining records including its checklist, filing system for correspondence, instructions, drawings, measurements, variation orders, claims, test procedures and reports etc.

13. Provide training to RHD staff as per provisions in the project and RHD training policy.

Quality Control

14. Ensure that the contractor provides site laboratory in accordance with the specifications as set out in the contract, and equipped with adequate and correctly calibrated materials testing equipment.

15. Ensure that the contractor has appropriate test forms for each test procedure and introduces appropriate record keeping practice that complies with the document control procedures in accordance with the Quality Assurance Plan.

16. Issue order for rejection of any material or workmanship by the contractor that does not meet the requirements of the contract.

17. Ensure that all materials delivered, or manufactured on site, comply with the quality standards required by the contract, through inspection of manufacturers certificates supported by supervision of on-site testing or organisation of specialist testing in an approved laboratory.

18. Ensure that all laboratory and field tests undertaken by the contractor are carried out in accordance with the RHD Standard Test Procedures and the required frequency as in the contract specifications.

19. Ensure that the properties of pavement and embankment materials after placement are in accordance with the quality standards required by the contract through supervision of laboratory testing and in-situ testing programmes.

20. Inspect records of material delivered and test results at site and off site laboratory.

21. Examine and maintain monthly summary of the quality control tests and issue instructions to comply specification in respect of tests that failed.

Design and Supervision

22. Prepare and submit land acquisition, environmental and resettlement action plan and plans for relocation of utilities.

23. Review and recommend for approval proposal for changes in designs and layouts for bridges and culverts and contractor’s proposal for boreholes for ground investigation at site of new bridges.

24. Co-operate with the contractor to finalise the detailed design of bridges.

25. Review and approve contractor's shop drawings, proposal for concrete mix design and pile testing.

26. Ensure timely checking of contractor’s setting out for structures, reinforcing arrangement, placing of concrete, taking of samples etc.

27. Advise in the supervision of construction of works and any changes or departure from the contractual requirement by the contractor.

28. Undertake monthly measurement of the value of the works completed by the contractor and process interim and final payment certificates generated on CMS.

29. Ensure checking and approval of the setting out of the works by the contractor, including survey stations, bench marks etc.

30. Supervise and monitor the performance of the staff appointed for supervision and quality control works carried out by the contractor.

31. Oversee daily contract diary and records of plant, labour and equipment provided by the contractor.

32. Review and approve 'as-built' drawings of completed structures prepared by the contractor.

33. Report to the 'Engineer' for any other duties as per agreement between the ‘Employee’ and ‘Engineer’s Representative’ from time to time.


For duties associated with each grade of personnel see


Updated on : 1/4/2005