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Specific Job Descriptions (Foreign Aided Projects)

Post : Project Director - PIU Roads or Bridges or PMP

Officers under Project Director - PIU

• Additional Project Director (where applicable)

• Project Manager:
One or more depending on the size of the project, and the agreement between development partners and GoB.

• Deputy Project Manager (where applicable)

• Functional positions e.g. Resettlement Officer (as per contract)

• Accounts officer

Personnel Specifications:

The post holder shall meet the general requirements of a Superintending Engineer or an Additional Chief Engineer as specified in the RHD Management Manual Volume 1 and as agreed between GoB and concerned development partners and as per recruitment rules.

The post holder shall be a minimum graduate in civil engineering and served as an Additional Chief Engineer or Project Director or Additional Project Director or Project Manager of a foreign aided project for a minimum period of two years. He should preferably have received training in construction and maintenance management of roads and bridges.

The post holder shall carryout other development functions and the duties and responsibilities under the revenue post where applicable.

Duties and Responsibilities:

In addition to the general responsibilities of the post of Additional Chief Engineer or Superintending Engineer, as specified in the RHD Management Manual Volume 1, the specific duties relating to this position are detailed below:


1. Act as the ‘Engineer’ of the project upon formal approval of the Employer’s Representative.

2. Finalise and process annual programme and budget for the project and submit to CE RHD.

3. Liase with the development partners, CE RHD, MoC, ERD on the project activities and related functions.

4. Monitor and review monthly progress of activities of consultant and contractor‘s programme.

5. Ensure effective interaction and coordination of consultants with RHD officials of the functional wings at RHD headquarters.

6. Approve or process variation orders (with financial implications or quantities) and obtain concurrence of development partners.

7. Approve interim or final payment certificates of consultants and process for foreign currency payment by the development partners.

8. Approve or process proposal of time extension for consultants and contractors and obtain concurrence of the development partners.

9. Review completion report of the project submitted by the consultant and contractor.

10. Prepare and submit statement of direct payment applications to CE RHD, development partners and MoC showing payments received and those remaining outstanding.

11. Prepare and submit withdrawal applications for RPA for the project regularly for reimbursement by the development partners.

12. Ensure that the training programme in the project are consistent with RHD training need assessment and funds are utilized through or concurrence of RHDTC.

13. Ensure keeping records of all reports, design, analysis, investigations, drawings, etc.

14. Ensure supplying data to MIS & Estates Circle for preservation or preparing database.

15. Ensure interaction with all the RHD headquarters functional wings and zones of RHD and other government and private agencies for collection of required data by the consultants.

16. Check detailed design of all components of the project including drawings, survey, plans, details of design considerations and calculations, land acquisition plan, resettlement and environmental action plan, cost estimates, contract packaging etc.

17. Oversee preliminary works of design, quantities, costs, alignment and cross sections and take appropriate measures in time for rectifying any deficiencies, errors or short falls.

18. Check and approve Quality Assurance Plan submitted by the consultant.

19. Ensure obtaining endorsement or approval on various components of design by the concerned RHD officials of the functional wings and submit for concurrence of the development partners.


20. Appoint consultants for procurement and supervision of civil works.

21. Prepare pre-qualification and bidding documents for contractors and obtain approval from GoB and concurrence of the development partners.

22. Circulate bidding documents and receive bids for civil works and initiate evaluation of the bids through the consultants.

23. Participate in the bid evaluation committee and recommend bids for approval of GoB and concurrence of the development partners.

24. Ensure management of land use and resettlement issues.

25. Ensure efficient operation of loan, credit or grant account of the project.

26. Check and process statement of audit objections along with replies showing position of objections dropped and outstanding.

27. Ensure and process appointments of NGOs for implementation of resettlement action plans and concurrence of the development partners.

28. Ensure approval of contract awards by GoB and concurrence of the development partners.

29. Ensure signing of contracts between the contractors and the department after receipt of performance guarantee and keep the development partners informed.

30. Ensure timely issue of 'notice to commence' to civil works contractors and then ensure handing over of site in time with information to GoB and development partners.

31. Ensure quality control of works and supervision by consultants and RHD officials.

32. Issue substantial completion certificates of all civil works contracts and keep MoC and development partners informed.

33. Prepare and submit final project account to CE RHD, development partners and MoC along with the statement of expenditures showing balance of fund, if any.

34. Issue defects liability certificates and inform CE RHD, development partners and MoC.

35. Ensure that the clearance from the RHDTC and training policy and principles of RHD are followed.

36. Provide decision in relation to contractual matters between employer and contractor including termination, adjudication and arbitration.

37. Notify contractor of the duties and responsibilities delegated to the ‘Engineer’s Representative’ or any replacement of ‘Engineer’s Representative’.

38. Approve proposal for withdrawal of ‘Contractor’s Representative’.


For duties associated with each grade of personnel see


Updated on : 1/4/2005