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Specific Job Descriptions (Foreign Aided Projects)

Post : Project Manager - PIU Roads or Bridges or PMP

Offices under Project Manager - PIU

• Sub-Divisional Engineer (SDE)

• Assistant Engineers (AE)

• Sub-Assistant Engineers (SAE)

Personnel Specifications:

The post holder shall meet the general requirements of an Executive Engineer as specified in the RHD Management Manual Volume 1 and as per recruitment rules. He should have worked as Sub-Divisional Engineer for at least four years and preferably have experience in construction and maintenance of foreign aided projects.

The post holder shall carryout other development functions and the duties and responsibilities under the revenue post where applicable.

Duties and Responsibilities:

In addition to the general responsibilities of the post of Executive Engineer as specified in the RHD Management Manual Volume 1, the specific duties relating to this position at the PIU stage are detailed below:


1. Prepare annual programme and budget requirements for the projects according to budgetary framework and financial regulations.

2. Interact with consultants for overseeing the performance by the consultant.

3. Disbursement of local currency component of interim and final payment certificates.

4. Prepare and submit monthly statement of expenditures and accounts of the contract.

5. Comment on the completion report of the project submitted by the consultant.

6. Apprise Project Director on the problems with possible solutions during the progress of work.

7. Maintain records, files, correspondences, communications, reports, measurement books etc.

8. Ensure that the monthly progress reports are submitted in time by the consultant.

9. Provide project data, maps, drawing, information, reports etc. to MIS & Estates Circle for preparing database and storing in the RHD database.

10. Assist Consultants and Project Director in the following:

(a) Interacting with the Circles of functional units on the unresolved issues during implementation of plan, design, drawings, construction, etc.;
(b) Submitting withdrawal applications of reimbursable project aid and final accounts;
(c) Replying to audit objections and queries on the financial matters;
(d) Monitoring performance of the project by using Central Management System;

Detailed Design

11. Review design, quantities, alignment details, drainage, cross-section etc. prepared by the consultants and promptly bring to the notice of the Project Director and consultant.

12. Ensure interaction of the consultant with the relevant circles of the RHD technical wings in the preparation of detailed design.

13. Cooperate with consultants in supplying available data for survey, investigation, analysis and design.

14. Advise consultants in preparing the land acquisition and resettlement and environmental action plan, utility relocation plan and cost estimates.

15. Examine and submit draft completion report of detailed design of the project and ensure concurrence of the relevant circles of the RHD headquarters wings.


16. Check and process the contractors' work programme to the Project Director.

17. Take over possession of land acquired for right-of-way and arrange handing over to the contractor.

18. Oversee payment of compensation according to the land acquisition and resettlement action plan.

19. Ensure supervision of works and quality control functions by the consultants.

20. Certify mobilization advance, interim and final payment certificates of contractors and consultants, and recommend payment of local currency component.

21. Participate during inspection of site for monitoring and review of progress by the Project Director.

22. Check and certify interim payment certificate, variation orders, measurements of works etc.

23. Preserve or archive ‘as-built drawings’ submitted by the contractor duly checked by the consultant.

24. Recommend for issuing substantial completion certificate, defects liability certificate after verification at site.

25. Identify any other works remained to be done as per contract and defects to be repaired.

26. Check project completion report submitted by the consultant.

27. Report to the Project Director for any other works on a regular basis.


For duties associated with each grade of personnel see


Updated on : 1/4/2005