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Specific Job Descriptions (Management Services Wing)

Post : Additional Chief Engineer

Wing : Management Services Wing

Circles within the wing :

1. MIS & Estates

2. Administration & Establishment

3. Training & HRD

Divisions under this wing : 8

Other offices under this wing:

1. Audit & Accounts

Officers under this office:

1. Assistant Engineer 1 No.

2. Sub-Assistant Engineer 1 No.

Personnel specifications :

The post holder must meet the general requirements of an Additional Chief Engineer as specified in the RHD Management Manual and as per recruitment rules.

The person for this position must have at least 2 years of experience as a Superintending Engineer in the Management Services Wing of RHD. The position requires further formal training in Management Studies or preferably a MBA qualification. The post holder must have experience in Training, MIS, GoB accounting procedures and GoB legal procedures. He should have a sound knowledge of the Bangladesh Service Regulations, and understand staff welfare matters. He must be well experienced in enquiry procedures and handling of grievances.

Duties and responsibilities :

In addition to the general responsibilities of the post of Additional Chief Engineer, as specified in the RHD Management Manual, the specific duties relating to this position are detailed below:

1. Establish and develop effective management and Human Resources Development (HRD) systems to guide the promotion, posting and development of all RHD personnel.

2. Ensure that adequate training is provided to all RHD personnel in order to make the best use of their potential and that all training is relevant to the individual's current and planned postings.

3. Develop a Human Resources Plan for specialist posts to ensure that training is provided to people in advance of their posting and that specialist knowledge and experience is retained in the correct posts of RHD.

4. Develop a Career Development Plan for Junior Engineers and co-ordinate opportunities for higher degree studies or other relevant training.

5. Chair the Committee for the Selection of Candidates for Overseas Training.

6. Ensure that the Training Database is maintained for all officers.

7. Provide an Annual Report to the Chief Engineer on all aspects of HRD and training.

8. Provide advice to enquiry proceedings and recommend disciplinary actions for officers and staff as laid down in the Bangladesh Service Regulations.

9. Manage the preparation of the ACRs of all officers and staff, and ensure that they are produced on time and that appropriate actions are taken.

10. Overview in providing comprehensive and reliable MIS system including the necessary hardware and software.

11. Overview that the RHD Intranet and Internet facilities are accessible, reliable, maintained and further developed.

12. Ensure that proper Audit & Accounts procedures are adopted in all the offices of the RHD and regulated according to the Accounts Code Manual.

13. Inform the Chief Engineer immediately of any accounting anomalies.

14. Ensure that proper records of all RHD lands and buildings are maintained, preferably using the GIS system, and that these assets are effectively managed.

15. Provide assistance to the Zonal Officers on land acquisition and encroachment issues.

16. Ensure that the security of key point installations and RHD properties are maintained by sufficient and well-trained personnel.

17. Manage the provision and maintenance of office accommodation and furnishings, for the RHD Headquarters.

18. Establish a well-maintained RHD library.


For duties associated with each grade of personnel see


Updated on : 1/1/2004