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Specific Job Descriptions (Road Design and Safety)

Post : Sub-Assistant Engineer (Road Safety Division)

Wing : Technical Services

Circle : Road Design and Safety

Division : Road Safety

Personnel specifications :

The post holder must meet the general requirements of a Sub-Assistant Engineer as specified in the RHD Management Manual and as per recruitment rules. He should preferably have undertaken formal training in Road Safety Engineering.

Duties and responsibilities :

In addition to the general responsibilities of the post of Sub-Assistant Engineer, as specified in the RHD Management Manual, the specific duties relating to this position are detailed below:

1. Collect accident data, traffic data, conflict data, speed flow data, pedestrian crossing data, road inventory data, etc.

2. Collect further accident data from related Thanas for updating/improving the accident records, as per site visits.

3. Preparing sketches of accident locations, stick diagrams, accident reports and history, for the identification of the common accident factors and black spot locations.

4. Completion of route surveys for the identification of hazardous locations and visibility problem locations.

5. Assist the SDE/AE to identify the location of black spots and to prepare plans for road safety audit.

6. Topographical and plane-table surveying of sites, including taking photographs.

7. Collect data for updating Road Safety Manuals, Annual Road Safety Engineering reports.

8. Assist the SDE, AE–Road Safety Division in the following:-

(i) In preparing and publishing road accident, annual road safety and other reports.
(ii) Keeping in safe custody of all records/reports of the Division.
(iii) Preparing estimates, tender documents, etc.
(iv) Preparing Contractor's bills by measurement and quantity survey.


For duties associated with each grade of personnel see


Updated on : 1/12/2003